A Fabulous Little Cottage That Feels Surprisingly Roomy (Click for Floor Plan)

A Fabulous Little Cottage That Feels Surprisingly Roomy (Click for Floor Plan)

Step inside the bright and contemporary style 513 Sq. Ft. Osprey by Eco Cottages. Featured on the Tiny House Talk website, this lovely little 513 square foot tiny house packs a lot of beautiful design in it. The tiny home was designed by Eco Cottages a tiny house building company out of Martinsville, Virginia. The company is under Nationwide Homes, a company that has been running since 1959. They have designed a good number eco-friendly cottages and tiny homes available for sale through their website which you can access through the Tiny House Talk website.

The Osprey tiny house is one of their eco cottage options in their line of homes. This darling and stylish tiny house features one bedroom and one bathroom, on a single level floor plan. The tiny cottage boasts a lengthy floor plan at 52 feet but is only 13 feet wide. So where it lacks width, it makes up for it in length. The bedroom is one one end of the unit, while the living room is situated at the other end of the house. The kitchen and bathroom are right at the heart of the home, making everything very accessible, while providing privacy for the bedroom from the main living space.

The Osprey tiny house may have even been built onto a concrete basement, giving the inhabitants more space for storage and such. The living room, at the front of the tiny home, well laid out and quite spacious. The windows in the living room are very large and occupy both walls to allow maximum light into the space. The living room leads into the kitchen, which is a galley style kitchen. It is located where you might imagine the hallway of the home, if it were a regular home, but they chose to put it here to save space. Which is what tiny house floor plans are meant to do. The plans are focused around efficiency and utilizing every possible space to its fullest potential.

The kitchen is modern in its decor, including brand new stainless steel appliances and sleek white cabinets with the stainless steel pulls on them. They have provided enough kitchen storage in the tiny home, which makes life much easier when there is a place for everything to go. The bathroom is surprisingly large. The designers chose a sleek looking vanity with a very modern bowl sink that sits on top of the dark wooden vanity. The shower is so large and would even have enough room to fit a full sized bath tub. The bedroom is sadly not shown in the photos of the house on the Tiny House Talk website, but from the floor plans that are available to look at on the site, it seems to be a touch smaller than the living room area. Enough room for a bed and bedside tables to occupy the space, with enough room to walk around.

The exterior has a contemporary design, and they have painted it green and white, which suits the home and matches the wooden trim and patio nicely. The patio that has been built onto the front of the tiny house is perfect for multiple uses, and could be an outdoor living room or dining room. You will also be able to have a sneak peek at what the house looks like with a different, much larger deck, in their warehouse. Either way, this house is a beauty and would be the perfect place to call home for someone seeking a smaller, more efficient home. A tiny house might just be the best option! Check out the photos and find out more about this Osprey tiny house.

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