A Curiously Shaped House That Makes You Feel like an Explorer in a Canyon

A Curiously Shaped House That Makes You Feel like an Explorer in a Canyon

This energy efficient tiny house "Cabin Title 79" is a small wooden house that has an unusual shape and distinctive appearance you will love. The tiny house known as House Zilvar, is the result of a shed roof that twists and folds along the length of the house, in turn changing the direction of the slope from one end of the tiny house to the other. The tiny house located in rural Bohemia, was designed by Pargue studio ASGK Design for a family of three who wanted a small energy efficient house that would bring them closer together, now that's a good reason to build a tiny house.

The entrance of the tiny house is at one end of the house along with the bathroom and storage closets. On the ground floor is an open living area that has an eat-in kitchen right in the middle of the house and a lounge space at the far end. The tiny house is 624 square feet. Inside there are two separate bedroom lofts that overlook the living area, which allow for easy communication between the family members .Both lofts in the tiny house overlook the living area, however they cannot be seen from each other. The lowered roof valley in the middle divides the upper part of the house in two, giving the bedrooms a certain amount of privacy. Each loft is reached by an industrial-style steel staircase.

The ground floor of the tiny house is pinched in the middle, with an outdoor terrace that pushes into the side of the house. That combined with the roof shape results in a very unique and modern tiny space where more or less of the interior is visible as you move around the living area. The architects say that the interaction of sunlight with the angular design changes the shape of the house as the day light changes. Both the exterior and the interior are covered in wood, with the interior space having light walls and a ceiling covered in the same wood giving a seamless, beautiful look. When you stand inside and look around from the inside to the surrounding landscape you can't help but feel the two are one, almost like a piece of art, or painting. This is made possible with all the materials that are used in the making of the tiny house, from natural wood colors, stainless steel countertops and glass.

After taking a look at this site, you will never feel the same way about tiny house spaces again! Even if you aren't a huge fan of tiny houses, you might just be after looking at this site. Here you will find tiny house inspirations and ideas, and tiny houses for sale. Some of the tiny house designs you will find on the site include; Minim House, a modern tiny house, the Minim House is a 235 square foot studio cottage designed for maximum efficiency; a tiny garden cottage in Denmark, a gabled cottage that presents a fairly closed appearance to the street with just a few small windows, but around back of the tiny cottage are large windows and French doors open it up to a sunny brick patio; an architects own self built tiny family home, a light filled home sits in a suburb of Auckland, New Zealand. This tiny house was designed and built by architect Michael OSullivan for his own family of six; the Wee House Company, the Wee House Company is a new Scottish startup that offers energy efficient small houses designed to appeal to first time homebuyers, downsizing retirees and anyone wanting to add a rental cottage.

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