A Couple of Clicks Later, You'll Understand What High Style Barn Living Is All About

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A Couple of Clicks Later, You'll Understand What High Style Barn Living Is All About

If you are a person who likes to live differently, this Ponderosa Country Barn Home might just be the type of home for you. Barns have been built over time as a shelter building to house horses, cows, chickens, pigs and other farm animals. Barns are also built as shelter for farm equipment and tools to protect the expensive machinery from the harsh elements so that it can last as long as possible. Typically, a barn was more of a rustic type of shelter, and still is to some extent. You can still hear the adage, "Do you live in a barn?" often when one is referring to the messy state of your surroundings, or if you leave a door open, to imply that you must be like an animal, or live life in a unrefined way. But there is nothing wrong with barns, in fact, we are seeing more people actually converting barns into homes, like the one you see here.

This 18x20 Ponderosa Country Barn is a perfect example of a barn style house that can be built from scratch. The home you see here comes from Sand Creek Post And Beam building company who builds all of their projects with timber frame construction. Timber frame construction is a very durable and reliable option when it comes to building larger structures like the barn home you see here. The company pre manufactures all of their wooden barns in their factory and then ships them out to the building site. This particular barn house that you see here is located in Tennessee and it fits right into the heavily treed landscape of the country side. Although the home's design has a barn-like profile, they have designed it in a way that looks very contemporary and stylish. The exterior is stained a beautiful, rich reddish orange tone, with grey trim on the windows and the doors of the home.

Inside the barn home, you can see what barn style living is really like when a barn is used as a home. This barn living is far from what you may have pictured in your mind. There is no hay laying around and no horse in a stable. The layout of a barn gives the home a lovely open concept space where everything flows beautifully and works cohesively. The dining room, kitchen and living room all share the same space, which would be wonderful for entertaining purposes and everyday life. I love the sliding barn doors that a huge, opening up to the french doors that are the main entrance. The interior is nice and light, bright wood, which makes it feel even more spacious than it is, as well as all of the windows that were included. The interior is beautifully decorated, with up to date decor, and stainless steel appliances, making this home feel more like a upscale condo than a barn house.

The photos don't show any bedrooms, but they might be located at the back portion of the barn home, or maybe they are detached from the living room, dining room and kitchen area. Sand Creek Post And Beam is a United States company that has helped thousands of people to get the home or barn of their dreams. They have even sold barn packages to people in Hawaii as well as to Canada. Barn kits have actually been sold since the 1900s to 1930s. They were advertised in catalogues and in newspapers and were made with a little bit of a thinner wood then the timber ones that are made by Sand Creek Post And Beam. The company even sells a book that was compiled by Joy Sears, that has adds of these fantastic barn buildings throughout history.

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