A Clean and Simple Log Home That Proves "Contemporary Cabin" Isn't a Contradiction in Terms

A Clean and Simple Log Home That Proves "Contemporary Cabin" Isn't a Contradiction in Terms

The Lafayette log home floor plan is a nice sized log home on one floor. The 1,335 square foot log home floor plan has three bedrooms, and two bathrooms for a comfortable log cabin stay. The Lafayette log home floor plan is by Southland log homes and is clean, and simple story log home floor plan. The bedrooms in this log home floor plan are roomy for this size of log home, and the master bedroom is complete with a walk-in closet. The galley kitchen has lots of cabinet space and a separate pantry closet. This log home floor plan will work perfectly on a crawl space or slab on grade foundation. The exterior of this log home is simple and clean along with a nice size covered front porch with lots of room for a couple of rocking chairs or a porch swing. The side entry door on this log home is perfect for connecting to a carport or garage.

Southland Log Homes is committed to personal service, and bringing log home dreams to reality. Southland Log Homes over the years has risen to the top of the log homes industry. They have over thirty years of log home experience in custom designing log home floor plans; Southland continues to set the standard. They combine the traditional values of outdoor living with the latest advances in log home construction and technology that all add up to Southland Log Homes being able to offer the best features and the best quality for great prices.

On the My Woodhome site, you will find plenty of log home and log cabin inspirations and ideas. Things you will find on this log site include log home budgeting, log home floor plans, log home design, log home floor plans and log home builds. You will also find log home furnishings, maintaining a log home, log home companies and log home products. You will also find an interactive quiz that helps to get you started on your log home build because building the log home of your dreams is one of the most exciting things you will do. So the log cabin and log house site can help you on with your log home dreams, by guiding you in the right way, and offering any suggestions or help along the way.

You will find that building your log home is one of the most rewarding experiences you will find. There is something about living in a home that is built with natural materials that make you feel a little better. Log homes are healthier for you live in, given that they are made out of a nontoxic, natural building material. Log homes and log cabins can also save you money on your utilities. Log homes and log cabins are known to keep the heat inside in during the winter, and to keeping the log house cooler in the summer. This is due to thermal mass. So the thicker the log, the more this principal works, so it does make a difference if you have thicker log walls (they also look great).

Typically log homes and log homes are located in natural locations, close to forests, lakes, and mountains, so that can only be a good thing. Living closer to nature makes us appreciate nature more, get outdoors, and breathe in fresh air, always a good thing! A log cabin or log home that is located in a natural surrounding makes you want to get outside go hiking, swimming, skiing or snowboarding, all good things for your health and well-being. And with so many log home and log cabin floor plans there is sure to be a log home design to suit most anyone.

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