A Cabin Built In Six Days For $6K

A Cabin Built In Six Days For $6K

Ever wanted to build a small cabin in the woods, but you feel that a lack of time and money are keeping you from doing it? You will be happy to see A Cabin Built In Six Days For $6,000 that makes it seem more than possible to make your dream a reality. This is what Aaron Flack and his four buddies came together to do in a rural, forested area of Oregon, not too far from Portland. The guys flew into the hip and artsy city to meet for a common purpose and to spend time together as friends. However, not in the usual modern way twenty- somethings usually spend time, going out partying or buying expensive material items. These guys had the vision of building their very own tiny cabin, one that they could come to enjoy time in the great outdoors. A place where they could forget about their laptops and cell phones and remember what true connecting is all about.

Tiny cabins like this seem to be becoming a very popular trend for people like Aaron and his friends, who want a little place to call their own, but don't have a lot of time and money to build it. It is totally possible to build a tiny cabin for less than $10, 000 and we see it happen more often. So these young men made it their priority and set out to build a tiny cabin that would fit their tiny budget, and they took off the time from work that they needed to set it all up. They hauled all of the tiny cabin materials out into the forest on the land that they set out to build it on. With their plans and materials, they set to work and now we can view their process and even watch a time lapse video that they made by taking photos of the build every so often.

A small cabin like this doesn't need to be super fancy, and all they really wanted was so have a place to crash and make meals. They don't think that they will spend a ton of time in the cabin when they visit, besides to sleep and to eat, since they will want to be out enjoying nature and the activities that the great outdoors has to offer. Only one of the guys was a little bit experienced in building, and the rest of them had full-time office jobs, so they were all pretty much starting from square one. Again, this shows us that you don't need to be a well-experienced carpenter or building expert to build a small home or a small cabin. Their small cabin build only took six days and a total of forty working hours to be completed which also shows us that you don't need weeks, months or even years to build a smaller cabin like this one. Lastly, their small budget of only $6, 000 US shows that you definitely do not need a lot of money to build a small building project like this either.

The results of their tiny cabin unit is awesome! They not only have a great place to hang out and enjoy when they come together, but they have also created a nice little home for themselves in the process. They have also strengthened their relationships to each other in the process, as well as learned a lot about what hard work really is and that it can actually be fun, as well as challenging that is good for the mind, the body and the soul. They used mostly recycled materials in their tiny cabin build, which helped to keep costs down, going to the Portland building materials recycling centre. They are so proud of their tiny cabin project, and have created a website that shows you how they did it, and to hopefully inspire other to do the same!

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