A Basement-Friendly Log Home Design with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths (Click for Floor Plan)

A Basement-Friendly Log Home Design with 2 Bedrooms and 2 Baths (Click for Floor Plan)

The Robinson log home floor plan designed by Log Homes of America, is a basement friendly log home design, with two bedrooms, and two bathrooms, with 2,232 square feet of living space spread out over two floors. The dining room bump out log home floor plan adds space for a more relaxing dining room. With an upstairs master bedroom, that lets you go to your private retreat. This standard log home plan is completely customizable so you can have some flexibility when it comes time to building your new log home.

This log home floor plan has 1,392 square feet on the main level. With an open living room/dining room area with cathedral ceilings, along with an office and a bedroom. On the second floor of this log home is the master bedroom, with cathedral ceiling and a loft space. The main floor has a wrap-around patio, great for night star gazing and daytime entertaining. This log home floor plan is designed by Log Homes of America. When it comes to designing and building a log home, there is a lot of information out there. You want to thoroughly do your log home research, and make sure to go with a log home company that shares your vision. The My Woodhome log home site is a great place to start when you are hoping to find some log home information and ideas. The Log Homes of America have been supplying quality log homes to their independent representatives and log homeowners since 1989. They know all about quality and try to provide their clients with only the best log homes they can find. They provide log homes that use quality millings of logs, siding, and timbers, which are graded for strength and appearance. They make sure to deliver log home packages to job sites, on time and provide honest and fair service.

The My Woodhome log home site has some great log home stories; that will offer plenty of insight and inspiration to your log home and log cabin building dreams. You'll find lots of log home and log cabin photos that will offer a glimpse into what log home living is all about, and the things you want to think about when you are designing a log home of your own. There are many things to consider when building a log home of your own, from log home site, log home design and log home floor plan. Each step of the way you will want to have a bit of insight, and work with a log home designer and builder that shares in your log home vision.

There are all sorts of things to think about when it comes to building your log home. Even little things like what to do with the trees that are cleared when you are getting your log home site ready for building. You want to think about how you are going to recycle the trees that are taken down on your site. One thing you don't want to do is to hire someone to haul away the trees you cut down. At the very least, the trees will probably make good firewood, but you may even be able to do one better. In some cases, the trees you cut down when clearing can be used for your log home build. You will want to be careful about mixing species. But you may be able to use felled trees for flooring, stairs and trim. If you have or can rent a portable sawmill, you might even consider tackling the project yourself. Or you can have a local sawmill cut the wood to your specifications. Imagine having some of the trees from your property incorporated into your log home!

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