A Barn Home like This Can Make Even the Longest of Winters Enjoyable

A Barn Home like This Can Make Even the Longest of Winters Enjoyable

This Barn home is unique building at its finest. This barn style home in Sequim, Washington was built by DC Builders Nationwide a home and commercial building firm out of Damascus, Oregon. This company has plenty of wonderful buildings they have built all across the nation. They specialize in building homes, barns, and commercial buildings, and they have many different beautiful barn homes in their portfolio. This is a wonderful idea for people who live on or own a ranch. They can be able to have their horses be housed basically right in their house. This barn home in Sequim, Washington is still in the design process, but you can see in the digital renderings of the barn home that there are stables attached to the house. One part of the home looks to be stables, with a tall wide door, and then next to that, you can see that the next openings could be for a car garage or perhaps maybe more stables.

This is a very smart idea for how to include stables and a home all in one. For people who love their horses, they become a part of the family sometimes, so to have them housed in the same home as their owners could be a perk that many horse lovers would appreciate. It would also be quite efficient since the barn stable could be heated with the same heating unit as the main part of the barn home. The other plus side to having the stables included to be attached to the house, is not having to go outside in the cold or in the rain to feed and groom the horses. The home could have doors that connect the main part of the house to the stable area so you could just get out of bed and visit the horses right away. The only thing some people would worry about is the smell, but I am sure that the designers of these barn homes would be able to factor that all in.

The exterior of this home looks like it will be quite beautiful. It looks like they plan to do a lighter blonde tone of wood, perhaps a pine or a spruce, which are naturally lighter. These types of wood are known to be excellent for using in building projects. Homes built with soft woods like a pine, spruce or cedar are very structurally sound, and can last for decades when maintained well. These types of wood also have a natural resistance to mildew, mold and insects, which is wonderful for keeping the home free from unnecessary chemicals. Most of the homes that are built by DC Builders Nationwide are built with timber frame construction which ensures the most strong and supportive preliminary structure. They have complemented the wood building material with natural stones that make up the lower portion of the foundation and the columns that create the entrance way and porch of the barn home. The wood and the stones look so beautiful together, and will also serve to be highly functional as well. The black trim complements this barn home perfectly and kind of looks like a Victorian ranch style build. This home would look beautiful in any setting out in the country.

Many of these barn style homes are so stylish as well, if you have a look around the DC Builders Nationwide website, you will be able to see many of their other astounding building projects. You can see the interiors of some of the other barn homes they have built, and you can see just how stylish they can be! Just because you live in a home that looks like a barn on the outside doesn't mean it has to look like one on the inside of course!

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