A $4,100 Log Cabin That Can Be Put Together Easier than Lego... Almost ;)

A $4,100 Log Cabin That Can Be Put Together Easier than Lego... Almost ;)

This adorable "Bertsch Basel Log Cabin Two Rooms" is a nice space that can be used for a guest log cabin or garden shed and storage. This log cabin is a nice size at 140 square feet, with one room 100 square feet and the other at 40 square feet.

The design of this log cabin is a nice tongue and grooved Nordic Spruce that is easy to put together by watching the company's general assembly video. Include in the prefabricated log cabin kit is a single door that is half glass, a single door that has no glass, and one window that is tilt and cant operated. This quality designed log cabin would look nice sitting on any piece of property or backyard area. The tiny log cabin has lots of charm and looks nice with some hanging flower boxes and surrounding landscaping. What would you use a tiny log cabin like this for? It could make a nice bunk house or backyard studio space.

This log cabin and wooden shed company is located in the United Kingdom and offers a wide variety of log cabins from summer houses to pavilions, multi room to market sheds, barbecue lodges to easy gardens. The company also has wooden sheds like gazebos, garages, car ports, shed, and playhouses available in lots of styles that will look appealing no matter where they go. The prefabricated log cabin kits are a great way to get some added space that you need, and can be easily built on your own, or by a hired contractor.

When it comes to building a log cabin plan from this site you will want to consider some things before making your purchase. While it is true that many customers can assemble the tiny log cabins that they purchase on their own successfully, in a project that is gratifying when completed. There are others who find it easier to get someone else to do the work, and that option can also be arranged by the company for a different price. There are set prices for the assembly of the log cabins; that differ based on the size and type of log cabin that you purchase.

Prefabricated log cabin kits have been around for longer than most people would think with the first mentioned prefabricated homes and movable buildings being invented as early as the 16th century in India by Akbar. These prefabricated buildings were made around the year 1579. Would you live in a prefabricated home? Today there are more designs than ever of all sorts of prefabricated log cabins and modular log home designs. You can get prefabricated log cabins and log homes in all sorts of designs, styles, plans and sizes to suit almost any need you have. Whether it be a backyard office space that you are looking for as a way to separate your work from your home life, a log home addition because you need some more space at home or a workshop area that you can work on household projects and store some extra stuff. When it comes time to purchasing a log cabin prefabricated kit, you will want to shop around and find something that fits exactly what you need. You also want to check what comes with your prefabricated log cabin kit to ensure there are no surprises when you open it up.

A prefabricated home is a nice way to shop for the log cabin space you want promptly from start to completion of the project. From the time you consider a prefabricated log cabin project, to the time you build your kit, is one of the quickest ways to go when it comes to getting what you want in log cabin space.