A 400 Sq. Ft. Cabin with Space and Style to Spare (Click for Floor Plan)

A 400 Sq. Ft. Cabin with Space and Style to Spare (Click for Floor Plan)

Cute and quaint little Bertsch Ransom Log Cabin With Mezzanine Floor, a perfect small log cabin for many different uses. Simply Log Cabins is a great provider of log homes and log cabin building kits. They are especially great for small log home plans and accessory dwelling units that can be added onto people's properties with ease. When it comes time to build a log cabin, there are different options to consider. Of course, people love to build larger luxury log homes, but not everyone can afford these highly expensive homes. This is why its so great to have options like these smaller log cabins which make it so affordable and easy build a log cabin that will suit your needs perfectly. The smaller log cabins are great for using in the back yard or on your large property as a lane way house, or a little rental unit or guest house. Many people use them as a home office, or a sweet little garden hang out. There is a new trend in the United Kingdom as well of people using these smaller log cabins for backyard pubs and lounges, a place where the adults can hang out but not have to leave the comfort of their own home.

Cabin building kits like this Bertsch Ransom only cost around 15,529.50 with free deliver in the United Kingdom. The log cabin building kits may also be able to be shipped elsewhere and customizations can also be made to the log cabin floor plan. This particular little log cabin has so much charm and character. There are plenty of great windows that allow in great amounts of light into the smaller space, which really helps to open it up even more. This small log cabin has a cool loft that is accessed by ladder which would be so fun to have as a bedroom and sleeping area or a little hideaway hangout. The main floor has another bedroom, as well as a great main area consisting of the living room and the kitchen. You might not think that this tiny home has a lot of space in it looking from the outside, but it really does have a lot of space in it. There could even be a small bathroom if needed.

This log home is made from Tongue and Grooved Nordic Spruce logs, which are one of the best types of wood to use in log building projects. These logs will have the ability to keep the inside of the house nice and warm because of their great thermal mass. This can really save big time on heating during really cold winters since all of the heat will stay inside the log built walls. The logs that build the walls are also wonderful air filters, filtering toxins and allergens out of the air within the log home. They also have a natural water resistant and bug resistant aspect to them as well, and the wood naturally repels moisture as well as any bugs that might feast on the wood, ruining the house. This log home would also make for a great starter home for a couple who is just starting out on their own to build their family.

Check out more lovely log homes and log cabins over at Simply Log Cabins website, you will be sure to be impressed with the quality of these log structures. The log cabin building kits come with everything that is needed to build the log cabin you see in the photos, and can be built in a short period of time since it is a modest size. What would you do with a tiny log home like this one? Have fun looking through the photos and getting inspired by this sweet little log house. *

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