A $28,800 Cabin That Proves You Should Never Judge a Home by Its Price

A $28,800 Cabin That Proves You Should Never Judge a Home by Its Price

Sweet small log homes like this Coventry $28,800 log home are widely available online and through companies like Coventry Log Homes, Inc. The log home industry is as busy as ever with hundreds of new log homes built every year all over the world. Some people invest their life savings into building a log home especially if they are going with a larger sized log home. Throughout history, log homes and cabins have been built by people for various reasons. In the past, many Canadian and United States settlers used to only build their log cabins while building a larger house or a barn. Log cabins were very different from log homes in their size and their amenities. A log cabin that would be lived in temporarily, would most likely only have a dirt floor with no foundation. There wouldn't be a proper chimney or fire place, but just a simple hole in the roof where the smoke from the fire could get out. The early settlers built cabins for survival purposes only and not much else, just a place that would keep them warm and cozy and safe from wildlife and the elements. Some of the first log cabins and homes were built in the 1600s in a little Swedish village called Nya Sverige, which is close to Delaware River.

As you will see in present day log homes, the logs of the log homes have materials filling up the spaces that exist between the logs. This is called chinking and is done to provide further insulation for the home and keep cold drafts out. Sometimes chinking could be small or larger stones, or wood chips mixed with clay. In the log structures built for stables and bars, these spaces were left unfilled. Most people would build their own log homes with the assistance of family and friends, and it became quite popular to have house raising socials where people would gather to build a log home together. Small log homes and cabins are still fairly popular to build out in the country or in the forest as a little spot to relax and get away from it all and enjoy the simplicity of remote living and being.

Logs are still highly regarded as one of the top building supplies in the world which is why building a log home is a wonderful choice. Not only are logs a renewable resource, they are also very strong and also environmentally friendly. When you think of how efficient a log home is, because of the high thermal mass that logs possess, log homes are the highest rated types of home for their heat retention. Homes are measured for their thermals mass by a rating system of how much R value they have, a typical R value would be R20 which log homes can usually exceed. This makes for the perfectly toasty winters with lower heating bills and cool summers with out the need for expensive energy sucking fans or air conditioners. When surveys were done in the United States, they found that the most popular areas for building a log home were Texas, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, Michigan, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Orlando and Tennessee. *

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