A 164 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage Capable of Satisfying Any Home Dreamer's Desires

A 164 Sq. Ft. Backyard Cottage Capable of Satisfying Any Home Dreamer's Desires

An awesome BZB Log Cabin Kit, Pool or Garden House could be the perfect backyard oasis! This 164 square foot tiny backyard cottage is a darling little structure from BZB Cabins and Outdoor supplies. The company sells their tiny house-like structures on Ebay, to a wide demographic of people. It is becoming more popular now than ever to expand the living space of a property and make the most of the land by setting up a lovely little house like this one. The tiny backyard house comes in a kit that includes everything that is needed to build the structure you see in the photos. With a very open layout, this tiny house could be designed in a number of ways to suit a variety of needs.

The gorgeous double doors open to enter into the space, and they also have full glass in them as well to allow in light and to expand the sense of space within the home. These doors would be awesome for hotter weather, to allow in the cool evening breezes and to enjoy outdoor living to the maximum. The front terrace is also a lovely addition to the tiny house; it would be perfect to put a little bistro set out on to enjoy breakfasts in the sunshine. There is room enough inside the little cabin for a living room area that could double as a sleeping area, as well as space for a little kitchenette. The double glazed floor to ceiling windows really opens the space up, making it feel larger than it actually is. All of the windows are included with the package, and more can be added for additional cost. The more windows in a smaller dwelling, the larger it seems to make it feel. Plus ventilation is key in a small space.

So as you can see, a tiny cottage like this one could be put to use as a tiny home, a garden apartment to house additional family members who live with you full time, or to rent out to students or bachelors or bachelorettes. People are always looking for affordable rental units to live in, whether its short term or long term. Having a tiny cottage in the back yard that doesn't cost too much initially allows itself to be paid for over and over again if it is being rented out. Many people enjoy having a little guest house like this one in their back yard too. Or, to have a separate little room from their main house for an office space or an outdoor relaxation room for reading and lounging. Another trend that people are starting is to use a tiny house like this and turn it into a backyard bar to use when they have guests come over for drinks.

The tiny backyard house kits come complete with three-quarter inch thick Nordic Spruce logs that all fit together with a tongue in groove connection. Nordic Spruce is an excellent wood to use for building materials, not only does it look beautiful as a finished product; it provides the interior space with superior insulation and moisture protection, as well as air filtration. The tiny cabins can typically be assembled by two able-bodied adults with ease, and could take as little as several hours. For most municipalities, you don't even need a permit to build one of these tiny structures in your backyard. At BZB Cabins and Outdoor Supplies they have a variety of different styles of backyard cabins to choose from, so have a look through them all! With so many different potential uses, this tiny log house could be the best investment you ever made.

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