A 1250 Sqft Log Cabin Kit Only $36,000 Check out these Floorplans

A 1250 Sqft Log Cabin Kit Only $36,000 Check out these Floorplans

Do you desire to get away from it all and build your own little piece of paradise in the woods? How about a 1250 Square Foot Log Cabin Kit, Only $36,000. Check out these floorplans. With the current size being 1250 square feet and an additional 200 square feet of deck you'll have plenty of indoor and outdoor space. This home is designed to easily be transformed to a 1560 square foot floor plan in case you need a bit of extra room for the family.

With a pressure treated porch floor and porch roof you can see the signs of quality in this build. The windows that are installed meet the latest insulated energy code. Chink log siding and thermal break walls will keep your retreat cozy and warm. The vaulted ceilings give the home that nostalgic feel and charm that you'd hope to find in a log cabin. All the overhangs have vents installed to keep the home properly ventilated. It will be an inexpensive route to make your dream of owning a log cabin a reality. Easy to finish you can either drywall or do a wood interior, just one of many design choices you'll have to conquer.

If youve ever wondered what a realistic timeframe is for building a log house, the easy answer is it varies a lot depending on size and design. But as a rule of thumb for a home about 2500 square feet, thought to be an average sized build within the industry you are looking at approximately 6 months from start to finish. This is based on construction time only and doesnt accommodate time for design, obtaining permits etc. The process should always begin with a well thought out plan, often times your best course of action is to research what floor plan youre looking for by thinking of all the details. Once youve got this list of details and must haves you can order a full set of blue prints in the floor plan that is nearest to your needs. The next part of the plan will be customizing those plans to suit the individual and unique needs of your build. Changes will have to be made to the drawings in a format that is acceptable to the building department for your area. Your next step will be to obtain a building permit and from there you are getting close to actually beginning the construction phase. Keep in mind if you can have the site cleaned and prepped prior to obtaining the building permit you will be one step ahead of the game.

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