979 Sq. Ft. Cabin for a Small Family

979 Sq. Ft. Cabin for a Small Family

Perhaps, all families big and small dream about living in castles in the sky or mansions hanging atop hills. Naturally, I myself would dream the same grand thing. Ideally, your dream house can be in different form, size or style depending on your family's preference. If you plan to have a decent enough but neat and dainty dream house for your small family, then this 2-level cabin, or F House might just be the one for you to start with!

This lovely little house has an area of 979 sq. ft. Such is more than enough and very liveable for a small groovy family. It has catchy and attractive design mixing styles that are both conservative and minimalistic, with a touch of an avant-garde look. The interior may not be very intricate as it is made only of furnished wood, but still it gives off a more natural ambiance.

The patio glass doors of this 2-level cabin serve their purpose of providing sunlight for the house. Both the kitchen and staircase are designed for the minimalists who want to save space. Other areas of the house like the dining room and bathroom are on the lower level of the cabin.

Several other good aspects of the house are the simple and uncomplicated furniture which suggest a straightforward function. Tables and chairs, although plainly designed add to the minimalist theme of the house. You may think the odd net surrounding the corridor serves no purpose but it is actually like a safety mechanism that prevents accidents like slipping or falling. The bath tub has an elegant effect as well. Since it can be lit up with LED lights from the inside, bathing during nighttime brightens up the mood as well!

Another thing to emphasize is the outdoor expanse just outside the cabin. The outdoor patio provides everyone a place to enjoy some fresh air, chit-chats, coffee or some good reads!

Tiny as it may look, this innovative and less complex house will definitely be more than enough of what you're looking for!

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