816 Tiny House Price Reduction

816 Tiny House Price Reduction

Tiny homes and small houses are becoming popular all over the world, with all sorts of designs, styles and plans to suit every budget and preference. This "8 x 16 Tiny House Price Reduction," is a great tiny house to live in full time, or to use as a weekend getaway retreat.

This 8 by 16 foot tiny house, with a 4 foot porch and a 7 foot by 7 foot sleeping loft is for sale. The tiny house took 10 months to compete in a gifted elementary class. The project was financed through community investors, and now the investors must be paid back, that is why this tiny house is for sale. The tiny house is framed to residential code, and has R-13 in the floors and walls, and R-19 in the ceiling. Both the plumbing and electrical are done professionally, with several receptacles throughout. Industrial rustic lighting is used, and inside the rough plumbing is complete and will accommodate a 10 gallon electric water heater, underneath the sink cabinet.

The interior of this tiny house is decorated and planned by a professional interior decorator, and the exterior is cedar lap siding and galvanized roofing. The windows are single hung, the roof is green metal, and the porch and pergola are cedar. There is also a hose bid and LP gas line plumbed in. The tiny house located in Idaho, is selling for $22,000, and is 176 square feet. The class did an amazing job, of this modern and liveable tiny house. You will find lots of photos on the site, of this beautiful and spacious tiny house. This site is an excellent resource when you are looking for any tiny house, with tiny house plans, tiny house workshops, and tiny houses for sale all over the United States, and Canada.

To read more about this subject, visit the website link below to the "Tiny House Listings," website.

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