7 Coolest Tiny Homes

7 Coolest Tiny Homes

Check out this awesome list of the 7 coolest tiny homes from Redesign Revolution. These photos are sure to inspire your creative genius to find or build an amazing tiny home for yourself. There is something on this list for any tiny home lover, whether it's a cozy hobbit hole tucked away in a grassy meadow, a sleek, minimalist and highly functional urban crash pad or a traditional Victorian styled tiny house.

My personal favorite on this list is the cob cabin. At roughly 600 square feet, this tiny home was built by hand from all natural building materials known as cob. Cob is a traditional English building medium that is made from a combination of clay, straw, sand and water. When these four ingredients are combined in the right proportions and formed into muddy lumps they can be stacked, molded into walls and left to dry in the sun. With a proper foundation, overhanging roof and a natural plaster coating, cob houses can survive for decades even in a damp climate. Cob allows for a great deal of individual creativity in the building process. Artistic designs can be molded into the pliable walls and splashes of light and color are easily incorporated with the addition of repurposed colored glass bottles built directly into the walls. Built in furniture can be part of the design with cob benches or ovens incorporated into the walls of these unique tiny homes.

Redesign Revolution is a website devoted to inspiring and stimulating it's readers with articles and imagery of artistic designs found in every day life. With broad categories such as home and garden, city and structures, crafts and DIY, art and design, brands and media and, finally, packaging and products, Redesign Revolution covers the gamut of modern design ideas.

To peruse this list of the coolest tiny homes, visit the website link below to the Redesign Revolution website.

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