6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens

6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens

If you think that a log home is just some rough hewn wood with chinks that let the cold air in, then you need to check out these 6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens. And they are inspirational. Each kitchen offers its own spin on the log home, and each one is a contemporary room that will work hard to help you bake and cook up a masterful storm. So set your ideas of a rustic log cabin aside and get ready to see what a kitchen in a log home built in the twenty-first century can really look like. These 6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens will rival anything you could find elsewhere from Paris to New York (really).

These photos are fabulous of the 6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens that you can find at this website. One thing that all the photos share is a sense of spaciousness. There is plenty of room to work, eat, chat, and move. That is a wonderful characteristic. In addition, all the show case kitchens also have plenty of natural light. That also means plenty of scenery to admire outside the window (of course, that could have detrimental effects if you are trying to get something done and the snow fall is distracting you). Another shared characteristic of these kitchens is how well they are integrated with the rest of the home. Rather than the old kitchens that were cut off from the rest of the home, in these show case kitchens, you can prepare full meals from start to finish while chatting with your family, friends, and guests. Contemporary lighting is another obvious feature of these kitchens. The lighting is generally inset, providing spot lighting on counters and equipment where you really need to see your work. Where drop lighting occurs, it is both a decorative feature and practical function in the work space. The countertops in each of these kitchens are also show stoppers. Some are made from granite. Others are fabulous marble. But beauty does not compromise capacity to work. So each of these counter tops is large and spacious and where plenty of veggies can be chopped, kids can do their home work, and others can just hang out and chat.

These kitchens are real show cases, and can give you plenty of fresh ideas, not only about kitchens, but also about log homes in general. They are not simple or rustic and awkward, but lavish and careful designs where the kitchen is well integrated in to the space and created to help you bake and cook like a professional chef. Superb lighting, whether inset or drop lighting, large counter tops, and plenty of cupboard space all contribute to making these 6 Inspirational Log Home Kitchens ideas that you could incorporate in to your own log home or just the home you now own. Check out the site today, and enjoy the photos!

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