580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin

580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin

If you love tiny homes and log cabins, than definitely check out this 580 Sq. Ft. Heritage Log Cabin. Log cabins are a great way to live full time or just to have as a retreat space, to check out of society and regroup getting in touch with nature and yourself. This is probably the way that old heritage cabins were built when the first settlers came to North America. They just built them small, so that they heated more efficiently and so they needed less materials to build them. This is something that some people are taking up again, with the tiny house movement, where people are trading in for a better lifestyle over having heaps and heaps of stuff in a large home.

This cabin is 580 square feet, so it's not at all too small nor too big, and has enough room to sleep up to 6 people in it. So it would be a great living space for a couple, as much room as you would get in a small one bedroom apartment anyway. The home has a great little kitchen area with a sink and 2 burners, nice cabinets that match the color of the logs.

The loft space with beds in it is a generous size, and would make a great bedroom. It's nice that there are actual stairs instead of just a ladder too. There is also the bedroom on the main floor and space for a pullout couch in the living room, so it could accommodate several people if need be. There is a lovely little porch out front too, that just makes it so inviting and homey feeling, with some nice flowers on there in the summer time, it would be the perfect place to be on a hot day. Head over to 'Tiny House Plans' to see more on this great little heritage cabin by following the link in the section below!

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