570 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in Rural Sweden

570 Sq. Ft. Tiny Cottage in Rural Sweden

You are planning to purchase a tiny house but you might be considering on how to decorate and furnish it. A lot of people do not really think about the proper way to best utilize limited space and decorate a small house, resulting to an improper furniture location and sizes ruining the look of your house. You do not want this to happen, Im very sure. To prevent this, you can still follow your intuition but there are tips that you need to follow for a whole different result. Firstly, you need to identify what furniture would best suit and fit your tiny cottage. Make sure that when you choose furniture, it is not bigger than the space you intended it to be. Reserve enough room for it and for you to still be able to breathe. Following your furniture wish-list is not a crime, however, when you choose them, you have to consider why you should buy it for your tiny cottage: Do you need it? Will it have a place in your house? You cannot buy three different styles of cabinet or a king size bed that is almost as big as your room just because it is in your wish-list. Again, your tiny house should matter. Lastly, the best approach in designing your tiny cottage is top-to-bottom. You have to look from the ceiling to the corner of your bathroom. Again, do not over-decorate your tiny house; just enough furniture that is simple and would fit your style. And one more thing: choose furnishings that are durable and have a strong quality. It is very important that you consider this. Proper treatment and maintenance would do too. A high quality and sturdy furniture that can last for more than 25 years is better than furniture that you need to change every year. Saves you more money,right?

Now, enjoy your new tiny cottage! Have fun decorating!

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