52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat Edible Greenry

52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat Edible Greenry

We know that there are plants that you can eat, things like the leafy greens, fruits and vegetables, but if you were out in the wilderness, would you be able to determine which are edible and which are not? Here are 52 Plants In The Wild You Can Eat Edible Greenry. It would most likely be difficult for the average North American person to be able to identify wild plants and decipher which ones are ok to eat and which ones are not. Would you honestly be able to tell poisonous plants from the non poisonous? There are so many plants out in the wilderness, and some of them look so similar, so it is important that you know what you are going to put into your body, as some can make you extremely ill.

This is a great list of some of the plants that you may find out in the wilderness that you can actually eat if you want to or are in a situation where you really need to. Like if you are stuck out in the wilderness somewhere, and didn't pack enough food, or even if you are hiking or backpacking and feel like trying some of the natural yummy food nature has to offer. If you are ever unsure about eating a certain plant, you might be able to get away with trying a little bit of it and wait an hour or so for side effects, and see if it is harmful. But even that can be dangerous, so please have caution when eating things you aren't sure of.

There are so many things we can eat that come from the earth. Many of them we buy at our very own grocery stores! Some of them, are considered weeds that pop up all over the place, and people sometimes prevent them from growing by spraying nasty pesticides on them and digging them out of the ground. I don't really consider any plant to be a weed really, I think every plant has a purpose to it. Even if it is not the most pretty or it might be an invasive species. People are really adamant about their lawns looking perfect and so sometimes things like dandelions, can be looked down on, when actually, they are a very medicinal plant and have a lot of health benefits.

Black berries are something that we can buy in the grocery stores, but, why buy them when you can forage for them in nature and get them for free!? Other berries you can find that have amazing health benefits like elderberries, mulberries and gooseberries. You can even find nuts like walnuts, pecans, acorns and hazelnuts out in the wild and these are incredibly full of protein and other vitamins. There are also tons of greens that you can eat as well, that have many amazing nutrients in them. Things like chickweed, and plantain, are things that you can find growing all over the place that are so good for you. If you get good enough at foraging, you could eat a lot of your meals from the wild, wouldn't that be cool?! Check out the many pages of edible plants!

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