5000 Square Foot Log Home (the Mapleridge) for $250,409

5000 Square Foot Log Home (the Mapleridge) for $250,409

Who doesn't want a 5000 Square Foot Log Home (the Mapleridge) for $250,409? Sounds to good to be true? Do you like a lakeside retreat or a mountain chalet. Now is the best time to make this dream your reality! This 3 bedroom beauty boats multiple decks for maximum views. Everyone wants to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and so building or buying your own log home is becoming more and more desirable. People would be shocked if they knew how affordable they could buy this log home for right now! Even if you don't want to buy a log home now, think of building one for your next home away from home. Recent advances in technology for log home kit business, now allow these homes to be built in weeks instead of a few months. In addition to the ease and speed of these building kits, you can custom order everything from flooring to shingles!

But there are some forms of wood to watch out for as they have soft knots that turn soft, shrink, and fall out. This ends up leaking and repairs can be pricey and a nuisance. Smaller tree logs also mean more in-line joints and labor. Some types of wood has unpleasant and strong odor. This wood never "dries out" as it so dense. If something is damp this environment leads to mold growth and should be avoided. Heavier woods are harder to work with than most softwoods. Most importantly, is wet wood twists and warps that can cause 'gaps' and "loss of wood-to-wood contact" between the logs.

White pine is the species that rates the highest in workability, stability, and affordability. This wood stands the test of time and build sturdy homes for the next generation to enjoy. The fact that these retreats can be built so quickly and affordably has boosted the demand for the Log Home kits. There are endless combinations and these homes are so versatile, they can suit any families needs. From a fishing cabin on the lake, to the ski chalet or beach-side retreat, these log home kits are only going to get more popular. I am sure your family will enjoy it as much as our family does.

If you think you could get used to the mountain living lifestyle, eLogHomes website via the link below, has numerous photo galleries to help you picture your new dream log home. From a rustic cabin to a beautiful 5000 plus Square Foot Log Home (up at the Mapleridge), these dream homes can be yours for as little as $250,409!

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