500 Square Foot Small House

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500 Square Foot Small House

This cheerful tiny house featured offers 500 sq.ft. of living space. The company responsible for building this home is 'Smallworks' The interior finishings were done by their clients, Akua and Brendon.

Small homes are becoming very popular in some cities where 'laneway' homes that are small and more affordable are springing up. This structure is one and a half stories high and it has a 4ft. Crawlspace under the living area. In a small space, this storage room is pretty important.

The exterior of the house uses cedar siding. This is a very impressive and modern looking home.

Let us learn a little about the Smallworks company itself. The company is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. They have built more than 80 beautiful laneway houses, which is more than any other companies at this point. This is a new trend, and Vancouver BC is on board with this type of housing. The houses are designed with the users needs in mind. The company is up to date with space saving designs and innovations. The crew is nice to communicate with, always courteous, mindful and experienced. They pride themselves with staying on budget and schedule. Customers love them as they are there for you from design to completion. They care about you, and they care about their reputation! It's is a win-win situation. This is a company that cares not only about you, they care about the impact on the neighbors, and the environment and part of their policy is using local materials and resources. One of the toughest parts about building is finding a company you can trust and develop a good relationship with. This is a very 'Big Deal' for you as this is your home, and you want the energy and experience to be a positive one.

Please visit the 'Smallworks' website below for many more details.

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