5 Bathrooms, a Fitness Center and a Sauna This House Really Has It All! (Click for Floor Plan)

5 Bathrooms, a Fitness Center and a Sauna This House Really Has It All! (Click for Floor Plan)

We present to you the Grimma, a beautiful log home package from Kontio Log Houses. Log home packages are a practical option for building the log home of your dreams. There are so many different aspects to consider when building a log home that can make it overwhelming, but it is essential to remember certain things as you go down the road of building a log home. There are obvious points to consider such as where will the log home be built and how will it be built on the land? Of course there is log home financing to consider as well. The log home floor plan is a big one that takes a while for people to zero in on the perfect log home floor plan for them. Then comes the the constructing, whether the customer will build the log home themselves, or if it is a larger project, have a professional contractor hired on. Companies like Kontio Log Houses, have made the way that log homes are sold and constructed so much more efficient then ever before. Through the internet, there are an incredible number of log home building companies like Kontio Log Houses and you can find them all around the world. At the touch of a mouse click we can now browse through thousands of log home floor plans and models from hundreds of wonderful companies around the world, decide on a plan and have a log home package delivered right to the land on which the house will be built.

This Grimma log home is a great example of a home that can be ordered online. This log home model is a lovely, large one with a ton of space to live in. The rendering of the log home has a very Spanish style design to it. With the reddish orange tile style shingles on the roof, and all of the lovely archways in the windows, which are one of the key features of the home. The awnings included in the design allow the large windows to have some shade, yet they would still allow for the wonderful views from inside the house, as well as more than enough natural sunlight to filter in. The floor plan includes three very good sized bedrooms and rooms for office space, as well as five bathrooms. The other great feature of this log home model is all of the balconies and terraces that are around the house. The bedrooms on the upper level have their own balconies, which would be lovely. The dining room, the large living room and kitchen all flow nicely, making for a very efficient layout to the main level. One of the levels of this home is a total fitness centre, with a workout room and a sauna, as well as two more bathrooms. This house is definitely at the height of luxury!

Kontio Log Homes is a great company to purchase a log home from. They feature a program titled "Kontio Log Home Healthy Living" which assists people in integrating in to a natural lifestyle through living in homes built with logs. Kontio Arctic Pine Logs are used in all of the log home packages and builds, which are much healthier for people to live in. Logs are known to be able to purify the air of the home, getting rid of harmful toxins and allergens. Logs also give humans a better sense of connection to nature, which is shown to reduce stress and elevate happiness in people. Log homes are a wonderful choice to make when it comes to building a house of any size, and Kontio Log Houses has a range of different sized houses that will be able to suit a variety of needs.

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