48 Totally Clever Tiny Home Bed Ideas

48 Totally Clever Tiny Home Bed Ideas

We spend a lot of our time in life sleeping, especially if you are getting the recommended 8 to 10 hours per night. That's why it is so important to love the area in which you sleep, check out these 48 Totallly Clever Tiny Home Bed Ideas! It is always better to sleep in an area that you find pleasing and relaxing, and most importantly, comfortable. Not many people really put a lot of thought into creating a nice oasis for their sleeping quarters, but I bet if people would fill their sleep spaces with things they love, they might notice they feel more relaxed and sleep better!

These 48 clever alcove bed designs are sure to inspire you and you could even us them in your own home, or maybe your cabin or recreational property. Alcove beds are the perfect way to fit in a whole bed in a smaller space like a tiny home, with out having to sacrifice having your bed on the main level. Lofts can be cumbersome and difficult to get up into, especially in the middle of the night if you have to get up. The ladders can be a safety risk as well.

I love number 5, it is a super feminine pink alcove bed that looks so luxurious and welcoming, chandeliers are always a nice touch in a bedroom area too. Or you can always make a day bed type of arrangement with a lot of pillows like number 6 that would be functional during the day and switch to a bed at night! Or how about some fun alcove beds for kids! What a great way to save space and look super cute, kids would love an alcove bed! There are so many awesome ideas that will inspire you and make you excited to create the perfect bedroom oasis! Head over to 'Examiner' by following the link in the description below for more!

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