$4,7000 for this Cozy Wood Cabin That Is Easier to Assemble than IKEA Furniture

$4,7000 for this Cozy Wood Cabin That Is Easier to Assemble than IKEA Furniture

This charming Bertsch Graz 33mm Wall Log Cabin With Roof Canopy is the perfect tiny house design to enjoy at the lake or for use as a backyard studio. This tiny house design has a front covered patio in its one room tiny house design. With enough windows to let in some natural light, and a roof canopy you can decorate the interior of this tiny home designs the way you want. You can decorate your tiny house design with patterned pillows, and floor coverings to give some color and enjoy this tiny house design for whatever you decide to use it for. The nice thing about this tiny house designs is that its made out of wood, a green build that is healthy to live in and good for the planet.

This tiny house design comes with one double door; a single window, wooden floor, and pressure treated foundation beams. When you purchase tiny house designs like this, you have the choice of optional Bitumen felt shingles, or factory applied timber treatment. The Bertsch Graz Tiny House Design is a traditional log cabin that has double doors and a single window at the front. The wide doorway in this tiny house designs makes this log cabin a versatile cabin for a wide variety of uses, from leisure, work or relaxation. It is the perfect tiny house design for use as a recreation room for adults or children, or as a home office. This tiny home design has a front canopy which provides the ideal sheltered spot for rest. This high-quality tiny house design is a design that you will enjoy. When you purchase one of these tiny house design kits, it is important to know that most of the garden tiny house designs are delivered untreated unless it is otherwise stated. You will want to protect your tiny home designs against the effects of insects, sun, water and u.v. light. Treating your tiny house design should be done with the application of a good quality wood preservative as soon as possible, then again after approximately three to six months, and then annually after that.

This is just one of the tiny house designs that you will find on the "Simply Log Cabins" site. On this tiny house and log cabin site, you will find a wide variety of tiny house designs from log cabins, summer houses, gazebos, tiny house designs, garages, carports, sheds, playhouses, tiny home designs and more. On this tiny house, log cabin site you will find tiny house designs available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, designs and floor plans to suit whatever your tiny house design needs might be. When you purchase one of these tiny house designs, you have the option of assembling your tiny house design or log cabin on your own or to hire someone to assemble the tiny house design for you. Building your tiny house design is a do it yourself project that leaves you with a certain sense of accomplishment in carrying out a tiny house building project from start to finish. Building your tiny house design is something that you will enjoy. The tiny house designs come with complete detailed instructions to help you with your tiny house design building project. The tiny home designs and log cabin designs that you will find on the site are available in a variety of prices to suit most any budget. When it comes to selecting and designing a tiny house design of your own, you will want to consider all sorts of things from budget, needs, lifestyle and tiny house design preferences. *

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