448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin For Sale With Land For $15k

448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin For Sale With Land For $15k

This "448 Sq. Ft. Tiny A-frame Cabin For Sale With Land For $15k" is a good price to have a tiny piece of paradise. This tiny A frame cabin is for sale in Georgia. Inside this tiny cabin you have a living area, kitchen and bathroom on the first level, and then upstairs you have a cozy loft bedroom. The cute tiny cabin is surrounded by 2,800 acres of mountains.

This beautiful location has miles of hiking trails, along with horseback riding trails where you can go canoeing or boating on one of the nearby lakes. The tiny cabin is built on a lot that is located in the Preserve at Lookout Mountain Resorts in Rising Fawn which is approximately a 35 minute car trip to Chattanooga, Tennessee. You can also get to Atlanta, Birmingham, Huntsville and Nashville within two hours each. If you are looking for a great tiny house space where you can spend quality time with family and friends, this is a tiny vacation home you want to consider. The property alone is well worth the price, with lots to do, surrounded by nature.

If you've ever wondered what its like to live in a tiny house, you are not alone. Tiny house living is becoming more and more popular as people try to find alternatives to large houses and the large mortgages that go along with them. What many people don't realize is that tiny houses aren't just for living in full time, they are also a great way to have a vacation home, a guest house or backyard artist studio. This tiny house site is a great place to be inspired by tiny house designs. Some of the tiny houses you will see are shipping containers used to build a houseboat, custom VW 5th wheel travel trailer, 400 square foot tiny cabin, modern tiny solar Thoreau cabin, modern and chic prefab Eco Cabanas, 312 square foot tiny modern white apartment, tiny cottage with tower and surrounding deck, tiny house built with recycled cardboard at National Forest in Japan, a pretty shabby tiny kitchen, luxury tiny cabin in Baja, California, small house barn, tiny house in the trees, tiny houseboat in Portland, Oregon, tiny modern beach house, simple living in a converted school bus, solar powered yurt home in New York, spacious and simple small cabin in San Juan Island, tiny cottage on a trailer and so much more.

There is something unique and special about tiny house living. Because of their size, tiny houses can be used for a wide variety of uses from a pottery studio, to a writers cabin, a playhouse for the kids, unique guests home, even a backyard space for the kids. You might be surprised at just how great some of these tiny house designs can be, what they might lack in size they certainly make up for in style and design features. When you consider building a tiny house space, the money that you save in the cost of materials can go towards making your tiny home more appealing, whether you decide on making your tiny house off grid so it can save you money in the future, or maybe you will put that money into modern appliances, the choice is yours to decide. Now more than ever there are so many tiny house resources to find all sorts of ideas and inspirations on fun things to do with your own tiny house. If you don't have enough room in your current house, maybe taking a look at some of the great tiny house designs, will get you thinking about adding a tiny house space to your current living situation.

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