440 Sq. Ft. Tiny Backyard Cottage Plans

440 Sq. Ft. Tiny Backyard Cottage Plans

Okay so you are having company yet again! Yes you did invite them and yes you just love these people but the sleeping scramble is on. You will movee the kids into one bedroom, have them bunk up yet again. That takes care of a couple of the guests. Then there is also the extra people that are coming this time. Hmmm, where in the world are you going to have them sleep. Plus, they have a little dog and are super early risers as the dog needs to be taken out for its walk. Having guests is a ton of fun and a ton of work! Especially the sleeping part as it means pulling out something to sleep on and extra sheets and pillows! We all love our family and friends but do you ever think how fantastic it would be to add a guest cottage to your yard. A private space, that makes your life less tumultuous when all those people gather at your home. Do you have an that extra space in your backyard for such a building? If you say yes to these, then its time that you start with this fun new project well be suggesting. The cottage in the photo is 440 sq.ft. in size. The plans are available for this two level one bedroom, one bathroom cottage. The first floor offers 240 sq.ft. of living space and the upstairs has 200 sq.ft. Once you have this perfect small cottage plan as your guide, you will be inspired to go ahead and build. You don't have to pay for a lot if you are able to recycle some of the materials to make this happen. We are all about recycling here whenever you can. Meet Shawn Dehner, the designer. He calls this structure The Forest Rose cottage and he also offers some services if you plan to have this as your project. Check out the information on this small cottage on the Tiny House Talk website below.

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