44 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You Have Ever Seen

44 of the Most Impressive Tiny Houses You Have Ever Seen

These tiny houses are worth having. My college friends and I once have a conversation about our future house preferences. All of them want to live in a fancy two-storey house, well, except me. I've always been a simple person who wants simple things in life. And one of those simple things is to live in a tiny home with my future small family. Aaw! That would be very lovely! Yeah, I know, right? I want to live in the most beautiful tiny home! *clears throat* We can continue our daydream later. Do you want to know three of the most impressive tiny houses ever? Come on! Lets have a look!

One of the most impressive homes owned by extreme skier and host of Tiny House Nation, Zac Giffin. He built his 112-foot mobile cabin for $25,000. The house has a wood stove, living room area, guest room and storage room. It is a tiny mobile house that takes seven weeks to finish. Another striking house is the tiny Texas Lakehouse. *silence* Yeah, you had me at Lakehouse. I have always wanted to live in a tiny home near a body of water. And good news people! And for me too. *winks* This is for sale! For $434,900. $434,900?! Yes. *faints*Well, I understand why she fainted. This house has two lofted bedrooms, full kitchen, bathroom, and living room. And now, here comes my most favourite tiny house in the world: the Oceanside Retreat in Freeport, Maine and is designed by Mac Lloyd. The best part is it is near the waters edge. Well, if you belong to the busy club, I think this would be a perfect place for you. After a few days of a sleepless night, you can go outside, inhale the good vibes, and exhale the bad ones.

So what now? Do you want to know the rest of the 44? Yes! Sure, milady. Just click on the link below and have fun looking! *winks*

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