38 Amazing Cabins For Your Viewing Pleasure! Which Is Your Favorite?

38 Amazing Cabins For Your Viewing Pleasure! Which Is Your Favorite?

Today, we have 38 amazing cabins for your viewing pleasure! Which is your favourite? That's the question we're going to ask you once you're done checking them all out. It is going to be a tough decision on your part because all of them are remarkable! From how they were styled and designed, to their location's view; they were created perfectly so we would understand your struggle of picking just one favourite. But we'll make it easy for you by sharing here our top 5 favourites out of these 38.

1. Built In The Field- this cabin that was built in the middle of a grassy field just made us imagine this cinematic and romantic scenario from the French movie, A Very Long Engagement. If you feel like re-enacting that film with your special someone, then you should probably own a cabin like this.

2. Huntin Shack- this cabin is perfect for hunters. It is a small log home located in the middle of a snowy forest. It also has a little porch where you can chill with a co-hunter while having a beer.

3. Modern/Rustic Mix- what we love about this cabin is the mixture of the classic and modern theme for both its exterior and interior. It looks a little bit metallic on the outside, and it also has a little patio where you and your family could hang out.

4. Picture Perfect- if you can imagine the house described in Hansel and Gretel, then this one pretty much looks like it only its not made of candy. Logs were used to build this picture perfect cabin in the woods.

5. Frontier Cabin- this cabin is perfect for those who have an adventurous personality.

To view the other cabins that made this list, check out the website "Off Grid Quest" below.

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