376 Sq. Ft. Green-Roof Tiny Cabin

376 Sq. Ft. Green-Roof Tiny Cabin

Bag End? A cottage from James Bond's Scottish Highlands? CIA black site? While Bilbo Baggins would take well to this 376 square foot green-roof tiny cabin, it is, in fact, a small home, situated on a lake and nestled into a pastoral background of mountain stone and grass. A bit like Finding Waldo, this gorgeously simple and ruggedly austere home fits in with its surroundings like a ninja approaching his target. Crafted of local stone and wood, the house looks as though it sprung from the ground itself, being nearly invisible at certain angles, blending so well with its surroundings that it looks like just another hill in the landscape. From other angles, it becomes apparent that it is indeed a sensational, if not spartan, wilderness residence.

Accessible only on foot, horseback, or HALO jump, this green-roofed tiny cabin puts the ice back in isolated. The supported green roof acts mightily as an insulator, as does the stone, which serves as both the home's foundation and one of the structural walls. Complete with kitchen, an elegant room-spanning couch lining three walls, a loft sleeping area, floor to ceiling windows, wood finishing, and a flagstone patio, this remote lodging leaves only a grocery store to be desired. That and perhaps a distillery.

This tiny home is featured on Tiny House Talk, a site created by Alex Pino, a once computer tech turned simple living guru and internet publisher who in 2009 launched the site with the intention to share his passion for smaller, more purposeful living. With tabs covering everything from bicycles, tiny home design and interiors, trailers, campers, and everything "tiny", Pino hits the mark with an array of resources, and his Tiny House Newsletter, outlining current news and developments in the industry. Part ski lodge, part ascetic retreat, this accommodation would serve equally well as a meditation retreat or sell-it-all, life-changing move destination.

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