35 Totally Awesome Totally Cute Little Log Cabins

35 Totally Awesome Totally Cute Little Log Cabins

Awesome Totally Cute Little Log Cabins are everywhere in Latvia. There is a rich culture of bathhouses and saunas, and for the Latvian people, the saunas cleanse the soul just as much as they clean the body hygienically. These bathhouse rituals can be found in almost every guesthouse in Latvia. There are simple baths, which are small one-story houses, designed for small numbers of people (2-4). You can also find more luxurious saunas - with multiple floors including:

1) sauna

2) shower room

3) toilet room

4) seating area

5) bedroom or sitting area

6) balcony, loggia or terrace.

A small private pirtis/sauna is the perfect place to relax with family and friends! Make sure you try all the recommended services - whisking, scrubbing, massage and washing as it is important for health and well-being to sweat out toxins, shed dead skin cells, and breathe in the almost intoxicating besom aromatherapy.

A few preparations should be done PRIOR to entering the sauna as "besoms" required for the swatting ritual can only be made in the summer and have to last the entire year. Various wood is used to make besoms: oak, linden, birch, with juniper twig besoms being most popular. Make sure you copy real bath masters and add various plants into the besom bunches, as many plants have healing properties and aromatherapy. Fresh bound besoms are used for baths in the summertime, while in winter, the dried besoms are soaked in water before using. They say you know you are hot enough to start using the besoms when there is sweat dripping off the tip of your nose. After you have "been swatted", jump into a cooling pond, scour yourself with homemade scrub with clay and honey. Lastly, bathhouses play an important role in the life of a Latvian. You only go into the sauna with people whom you like and trust, so in conclusion, if a Latvian has invited you to a sauna, he or she trusts you.

If you want to see more totally awesome cute little log cabins and saunas, make sure you click the link below at SS Buve.

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