30′ Tiny House on Wheels

30′ Tiny House on Wheels

Most likely when you think about a 30' tiny house on wheels, you’re visualizing some sort of “micro” residence around 50 to 200 square feet. This 30' tiny house is going to be a little bit different because it is perfectly suited for a small family. If you think a tiny house on wheels would certainly cramp your current life-style, check this out. It is possible to find tiny abodes which feel like much bigger homes. This tiny house includes all that we are looking for such as a loft, a bedroom, a murphy bed, a bath tub, stairs, loads of storage, full size appliances, and more. Living in a 30' tiny house on wheels offer an incredibly simple yet all-inclusive form of shelter and fits for out-of-the-way, off-grid living. An idea inspired by Greg Parham, of Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, the builder.

Inhabiting such a small space forces us tiny house people to live in a less strenuous and complicated, more organized and efficient way. Living in tiny houses encourages us also to spend more time outdoors, in nature and engaging with our community, loved ones and friends. In this way, this tiny house living results in better health and good relationships. Moreover, tiny houses creates simpler living and debt-free lives. This is perfect for the new couple starting out and is an easy to maintain, self-contained housing alternative for those of retirement age. Living in a 30' tiny house on wheels is a fun/challenging/rewarding and educational substitute used to share alternative housing options to the next generation of home owners!

Generally, constructing a 30' tiny house on wheels allows for the mini home to be towed just about anywhere, giving the tiny house owner nearly unlimited freedom and mobility.

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