2,833 Square Feet of Surreal Log Home Convenience (Click to View Floor Plan)

2,833 Square Feet of Surreal Log Home Convenience (Click to View Floor Plan)

You will totally want to have a look at this fabulous Crown Point Log Home Floorplan from Expedition Log Homes. Having a great log home plan is the first item you need to sort out before you begin the actual log home building process. But with so many amazing log home floor plan designs out there, how do you choose just one? Well when you know about log home floor plan experts like Expedition Log Homes, it is so easy. You can begin to figure out your own log home floor plan by deciding on a list of must-haves in your floor plan. Think of all of the things that must be in your log home, and even draw out a rough sketch of a plan of your own. For example, do you want a large kitchen, how may bathrooms would be the minimum amount you would want, how many bedrooms are the minimum amount of bedrooms you could have? All of these factors will lead you to find out the things that you know you really cannot live without.

The Crown Point log home plan has a total of 2,833 square feet of open living space that could accommodate a family with ease. The two bedroom two bathroom floor plan includes an attached garage for people who need car storage or extra storage for tools or a workshop space. The open gable porch leads into the foyer of the log home, and then into the dining room, kitchen and living room area. The large living room area has vaulted ceilings, and great high windows, a full wall of windows can be added in as well if the plans can be customized, which they usually are. A full wall of floor to ceiling windows would look amazing in the living room and would let in a ton of natural light and incredible views of nature. The upper level of the home has a small seating area, which could be used as a loft style bedroom or an office or studio space.

The loft area is open to the ground level allowing most of the home to have the soaring cathedral ceilings. All of the logs used in the log home building packages from Expedition Log Homes are kiln dried, making them very resistant to mould and insect infestations. Their natural cut logs look beautifully and perfectly placed in their log home builds, and in the Crown Point log home plan example, the logs are the most prominent feature of the home. All of the logs that Expedition Log Homes uses in their log home packages, come from sustainable tree farms that cut down on waste and use of old-growth forest trees. The logs are cut with a drawknife, which also tends to cut down on the amount of waste. The company also offers half logs as well as offering fully rounded logs in their building packages. The half logs end up costing the customer less because it would take fewer logs overall to complete the build. Most people wouldn't even be able to tell the difference either! The half logs still contain the same insulation benefits as the full sized logs as well as all of the other benefits such as improved air quality and a water barrier.

Log homes are one of the best ways to build a home or any structure, and their strength and durability is renowned around the world. People have been using logs to build homes and buildings for thousands of years, and log materials continue to come out as one of the top building materials around. The initial cost may be expensive, but the longterm benefits of owning a log home are something that can last for decades. Check out the beautiful floor plans on Expedition Log Homes!

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