2,833 sq ft Stunning Log Home Floor Plan and Interior

2,833 sq ft Stunning Log Home Floor Plan and Interior

Get lost in this 2,833 sq ft Stunning Log Home Floor Plan and Interior that you can have designed, customized, and built for you and your family. And be sure to give every one a floor plan so they do not get lost when they check it out. This place is nearly 3,000 square feet of wonderful construction that you and your family are going to love. Plenty of space on the first floor gives every one room to spread out so they can do their own thing without getting in each others way. There is a big 2,337 square feet on the first level alone. Bring microphones! Because that is what you will need to chat with one another across the room! But the roominess of this place does not mean that it is cold and too open. Even as you come to the entryway at the front, you will see that a cozy foyer makes the whole place seem comfortable and friendly. Upon entering the main floor, a number of things will draw you in to the space. First, the massive fire place is made of fabulous stone. When it is burningand it is open to the entire roomyou will immediately feel at home in this space. The kitchen has a terrific bump up, which always says, come and enjoy a cup of tea here, please. As well, the wood on the walls, ceiling and floor make it seem like a very warm space. The honey kitchen cabinets provide lots of room to store everything that you will need for dinner (and breakfast and lunch)! So there is plenty of room, good lighting and a great counter top in that space.

Another thing you might notice in the photos on the site is that there is even a work space incorporated in to the design. So if you have work from the office that you simply must complete, you can do it here, with your family near by. That is always a great way to work (if it is sometimes a bit slower method of working). The bathroom is big, with a great tub, window to see out, and double sinks. Inset lighting keeps everything in the room nice and bright. Just off the kitchen is the open concept dining area, which can fit plenty of people so plan for lots of drop ins and loads of kids. They will all want to eat at your place.

The living area is massive, yet still warm and inviting to all who enter this space. The fire place is show cased in this space and looks great. From this space you can also see to the upstairs where the loft is. The open concept is friendly and appealing, and you can see just how comfortable you could be in this log home. Great beams arch across the living room to give a sense of grandeur to the place. The second floor is almost 496 square feet with plenty of room for kids, guests, and any one else. Check this building out. It is a great design to think about. Find out more about these homes and many others just like it at the website, EXPEDITION LOG HOMES.

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