26 Years Later, They're Married with 2 Sons, Still Enjoying the Log Home of Their Childhood

26 Years Later, They're Married with 2 Sons, Still Enjoying the Log Home of Their Childhood

Log cabins are not only beautiful to look at, but they seem to evoke an air of nostalgia, bringing back memories of simpler times, historical moments, and family history. In the case of Lizette and John, this is particularly true their log cabin may be brand new, but for both of them its a symbol of family traditions going strong. John and Lizette have a very interesting story! It all started at Schultz Lake in northern Minnesota many years ago when they were just kids. They just happened to spend their summers a few cottages away from each other, but they didnt get along. Not at all! It wasnt until they were teenagers and John was laid up with a bad knee one summer. Thats when they had no choice but to hang out together. Lizette kept John company, and shes been keeping him company ever since! Twenty-six years later, they are married and have two sons and still spend their summer vacations at Lizettes parents old cabin each year. Well they did, that is, until they decided it was time to demolish the old A-frame cottage and build a brand new log cabin home in its place. Lizettes childhood cabin was simply starting to fall apart and it was time for something better.

But while building their new log cabin home on the lake, they wanted to preserve the old family traditions ones that both Lizettes mom and dad would have been happy with. You see, Lizettes mom loved the old A-frame cottage while her dad had always wanted a log cabin. Now they had a chance to bring the best of those two dreams together. Lizette and John had a very fun time creating their new summer cabin with the building co-operative, the Builders Commonwealth, who were easy to work with and did a wonderful job even though John and Lizette were slightly demanding in the new log cabins design. As Lizette had grown up with an A-frame cottage, she really wanted a gabled roof on the new log home. It was a bit of a challenge, with all of those odd angles, but the company came through.The new log cabin summer home has lots of tributes to Lizettes dad, including the log-sided structure of the cabin itself. He also had a taxidermed elk head, which they have given a place of honour over the lovely stone fireplace, even though neither Lizette or John are very big on taxidermy themselves.

Lizettes mom, on the other hand, adored bright colours and so theyve decorated the log cabins interior with vibrant upholstery, including bright oranges and yellows and reds, giving the entire cabin a lovely warm feeling when you walk inside. They also included the old A-frames skylights, bringing lots more light into their new summer home.

John and Lizette also kept the original garage outside, but theyve renovated it so it also looks brand new with its spiffy new half-log siding! And that old standalone gazebo and large deck? Well theyve re-sided the gazebo and it looks grand! And the deck is brand new. Lizettes father would have loved it. She remembers how he always used to sit on their old deck with a scotch, watching the boat traffic go by.

And their new log cabin summer home has lots of brand new features for them to enjoy as well. First of all, its much larger than the old cottage, and each of their sons has his own room to enjoy thank goodness! Next, there are lots more windows, letting in tons more light. And thirdly, the floors are hot-water heated, which means they can visit in the winter time and not freeze their feet. All in all, Lizette and John have done a beautiful job with their new log cabin, preserving old family traditions and creating a few new ones too. Their sons families will be able to celebrate these traditions for many generations to come.

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