26 Clever Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Energy!

26 Clever Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Energy!

Have you ever wanted your house to be as clean as when professionals do it? Well, now you can learn how to clean like a pro with these 26 Clever Cleaning Tips to Save Time and Energy! Everyone has their own cleaning tips and tricks that they follow. Sometimes you can even learn from a relative or a friend how to clean properly and efficiently. Many people think that it's so hard to clean, and that it is something that takes such a long time to do. But, it really doesn't have to be so hard. And it doesn't have to take a lot of your time either. There are so many great ways that you can learn how to keep your house clean, and feeling fresh like it was just cleaned by a professional.

A lot of these tips and tricks could save you a lot of money too. Like if you spill something on your carpet, you might freak out and think that you have to get it steam cleaned... but no need, all you need is a cloth and your handy iron. That's it! Spills in life are just something that happens, so this is a great tip to know and to keep in mind for when you accidentally spill on your nice carpet. Another great thing to know is how to clean your cookie sheets or baking pans. These can cost a lot to replace, and there is a great solution to help you make them look pretty much new again, or at least a lot cleaner than they did before!

How about a way to clean out your microwave? The microwave can get a ton of gross splatters all over the inside from when you heat food up throughout your day. Those stains can get crusted onto the sides of your microwave, and they can be a pain to get off. A great way to get them off, is to use a mixture of water and vinegar. Plus, it really helps to neutralize those gross smells that can accumulate in your microwave. How about cleaning those pesky venetian blinds? They can always be a super big pain to clean. But with this simple trick on the list, all you need is an old, clean sock and some vinegar and water. Cleaning the blinds was never easier! There is also a great tip for cleaning your cast iron pans too. These can get really dirty and if you don't clean them properly, you run the risk of ruining them altogether.

How about how to clean your paintings, whether they are oil or acrylic, paintings can get a lot of dust on them, and they don't have protective glass on them, so you have to clean them somehow. You really don't want to use chemicals on these, because it could ruin the painting. There is a surprising yet wonderful tip that you can use to get your paintings nice and clean and it is very affordable! Did you know that coconut oil and baking soda can remove sticky residue? Or cleaning your coffee maker or your Keurig? There are simple tips for this too! Enjoy these tips and make sure that you save them too! Happy Cleaning!

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