21 Year Old U-M Student Trades Dorm Room for 170 Square Foot Tiny House

21 Year Old U-M Student Trades Dorm Room for 170 Square Foot Tiny House

You'll want to read this story on how a "21 Year Old U-M Student Trades Dorm Room for 170 Square Foot Tiny House" and get all the details of this great story. With this being the time of year that many students move back into school at Universities all over the country, for some students that means different things.

Many students will be moving away from home for the first time to meet new roommates and to share a dorm room, and for others it might mean getting a new apartment or moving into a house to share with friends or members of school organizations. But for Michigan junior student Chris Cerk, move in week meant something different. When the 21 year old Traverse City student moved back to the Ann Arbor area on Wednesday to begin his third year at University of Michigan, he brought along his own house on a trailer, a tiny house that is just 170 square feet and took him over 700 hours to build over the last two summers. He says around his freshman year he didn't enjoy living in the dorms so he wanted to try something different, and it is then that he started researching different ways to live. He wanted to put all the money that he would be using towards rent in Ann Arbor to something else. When he lived on campus last year, it was costing about $800 a month, which is pretty pricey for the North Campus, he also just really wanted to do something different and live more simply. He thought about living in a Volkswagen van for his final two years of college, but his mother shot down that idea, so he continued to search for unconventional housing options ad cam across the concept of tiny houses.

Immediately after he approached his mother with the idea and she agreed on a tiny house as an alternative means to traditional college living. His mother wanted him to live somewhere safe and normal, and not knowing anything about tiny houses, she started looking around and found that they were espcecially big out West, but in the area they lived there was nobody who had heard of them at the time. His mother made him do a cost benefit analysis and do all the research ahead of time to see if it was going to be worth it. He also had to find a location, that was a big part of it. The cost part of the analysis was simple $800 per month rent would equal to about $19,000 in rent for his last two years of college without having anything to show for it when he was done school. Now for the cost of material to build the tiny house, including the trailer, tools, hardware, lumber and furnishing, the total would be about $13,000 and he reasoned that he would keep the tiny house and live in it beyond the two years when he finished college. One of the conditions of the tiny house build was finding a safe place for Christopher to park his 20 foot by 8.5 foot home.

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