20′ Shipping Container With A Rooftop Deck And Room for Four

20′ Shipping Container With A Rooftop Deck And Room for Four

Tiny homes are an excellent way to build a vacation or getaway home, have extra space for an office, use as a guesthouse, or to live in full time. This "20' Shipping Container With A Rooftop Deck And Room for Four," gives us a glimpse at just how stylish and practical a tiny home space can be.

This shipping container home with rooftop patio is small at 160 square feet, but it goes to show just how smart one can be about making good use of space. The tiny home maximizes its space and can sleep up to four, by using bunk beds and a murphy bed that tucks nicely back into the wall. This vacation home has a beautiful rooftop patio finished with wood and wooden benches, along with a wooden patio below to bring the space of the tiny home outside. Inside there is recessed LED lighting, lots of cabinet space, a fold down table (perfect for homework, office work or eating), a small fridge, 2 burner stove and microwave, the space is nice to look at and not a thing is missing. This small space offers any owner comfortable living, in a compact design, plus its nice and small, so less cleaning.

This great website offers tiny house plans, floor plans homes and roof deck information. It also has links for places to get shipping container homes that can be used for vacation, guesthouses, permanent residences, office spaces, fishing or hunting cabins, the list goes on and on. Container homes come in plenty of sizes ranging from 6 feet by 6 feet, up to 40 feet by 8 feet, they are both windpoof and watertight, and are an excellent option when considering a new build. The container homes can also be rented if need be, they can also be shipped most anywhere.

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