20 Inspiring And Creative Gardening Ideas

20 Inspiring And Creative Gardening Ideas

Goods Home Design brings us 20 inspiring and creative gardening ideas in this insightful article that will have you running out to your garden to start imagining your next project. Most of us have some pretty traditional ideas when it comes to our home gardens. There are many styles of gardens out there but not many that incorporate the kind of the unique and creative ideas demonstrated in this article. When it comes to gardens, the sky is the limit and we are only confined by our imaginations. This inspiring list is all about bringing unexpected items in to your garden or using your garden to create a fun and whimsical scene to capture the attention of passersby.

Reclaimed found items or no longer useful items lying around your home can be recycled and repurposed in your garden. Old broken or rusted garden tools can be painted over and used as supports for plants or decorative fencing. Old watering cans, rubber boots, bathtubs or any container imaginable can be filled with soil and used as a planter. Even old furniture can be used as a planter, such as the photo in this article of a cabinet with each descending drawer pulled out a little further and planted full of succulents.

You can create an attention grabbing scene in your garden by combining your creative genius with some discarded household items. An old table and chair set can be transformed into a garden tea party with plants growing out of every tea cup, saucer and tea pot. Squares of sod can be placed on the seat of each chair as unique green upholstery. A cute love scene can be made with two large drums painted to look like a flirtatious couple with the plants growing as hair from the top of their heads.

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