2 Floor Beautiful Log Home for $87,910 (The Cherokee)

2 Floor Beautiful Log Home for $87,910 (The Cherokee)

This 2 Floor Beautiful Log Home for $87,910 called The Cherokee, is a beautiful example of how practical, yet stylish, modern log homes can look. Log homes are always going to be a practical and economical type of housing, they are definitely the right choice if you want a home or cabin that is not only beautiful in appearance, but if you want to stay conscious about the environment and the Earth. The wood used in most of the log homes or cabins built today comes from sustainable logging plantations, which make sure they are only cutting down what they need to supply for projects like this, and then re planting them in the process afterward.

The Cherokee log home or cabin kit only costs $87,910. The designer and distributer of this cabin, eLog Homes, has many different plans to purchase, that they will ship to you, so that you will have the proper blueprints for contractors. The plans themselves start at $299 plus $15 for shipping and handling. You can also then print them off as a PDF so that you have them for yourself so you can follow along with your building project and be in the know when it comes to the lay out and design. The Cherokee is a beautiful family home, coming in at 1487 square feet in the upper level and 968 square feet on the lower level. The layout is a typical family style home layout, with the common area in the lower level and the 3 bedrooms on the top level. The combined square footage of the entire house, is 2455 square feet. You would also have a large area to park 3 cars in the 2 garages which have one double car door and one single door.

The plans show a great sized deck off of the back, coming out of the kitchen area, so this would be a wonderful spot for get togethers and parties. This particular house includes some beautiful stone masonry work on the lower half of the house, which adds to its natural appeal and makes it sturdy and able to sustain over the years and even centuries, if kept up properly. I personally love stone work mixed in with the construction of log houses. Its the best of both worlds and there are houses built with those materials that have been standing for hundreds of years, if not thousands.

Log homes are really becoming the way of our future, and so many people are choosing this type of beautiful construction again. Head over to eLog Homes by following the link in the description below for more on this beautiful log home and others.

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