1,960 sq. ft. Plantation Cedar Log Home Kit... Get a Price Quote

1,960 sq. ft. Plantation Cedar Log Home Kit... Get a Price Quote

When it comes to log homes and cabins, there are a lot of amazing designs, all beautiful and different in their own way. Check out this awesome 1,960 sq. ft. Plantation Cedar Log Home Kit from the amazing people at Katahdin Cedar Log Homes featured on My Wood Home. The angled roof with full floor to ceiling windows feature on this house gives it a very special appearance at the front of the house. The logs at the corners of the house are in a sawtooth fashion and crisscross over top of each other making a really unique pattern that adds so much to the home's exterior. The design that the logs make looks a bit like a zipper that's all zipped up on the corners of the house. This way of crossing the logs over top of each other, creating the strength and durability that a house needs, without having to use a bunch of nails.

Log homes are a great way to build where you have some creative freedom, that is why building from log cabin kits can be so awesome, because you can choose whatever design you like. The other great way a log home design can be spiced up a bit is by adding interesting windows or doors. Like the ones that are seen covering the angled walls of the home, the triangular windows give the house some character and make it look really modern and interesting. The windows will also be great for the interior of the home as well, as a beautiful looking feature and as a functional one too, since they allow so much natural light and heat into the home that helps to keep electricity and heating bills lower.

This particular home, appropriately called The Plantation, is a grand 1,960 square feet in total, with lots of room for the 2 bedrooms and the great big living room and dining room with cathedral ceilings, which allows for a nice, wide open space. The master suite is on the upper floor, with the en suite bathroom, and a utility closet for a washer and a dryer. The living space and one other bedroom, is located on the main floor. The design works terrifically in this space, and everything has more than adequate space. Sometimes the designs can feel quite cluttered, but this one feels very well and has a nice open feel to it.

Log cabins are not the cheapest to build, but they are definitely worth every penny. When you think about how much went into creating the logs by running a sustainable tree plantation, and how much work it is to fashion them all to size and perfect cut, amongst other things like delivery and making up the plans for the kits, you will see that they are well worth the money. They are also a very valuable type of housing because of how strong and sturdy they are and they are super resilient to the elements, which is really important if you live somewhere that has all four seasons! Log home and cabin kits are an awesome way to build a home.

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