19 Cool Shipping Container Homes You'd Want For Yourself

19 Cool Shipping Container Homes You'd Want For Yourself

There are times when the best way to think outside the box is to, well, think inside the box, as these 19 cool shipping container homes you'd want for yourself! That's what modern architects are exploring through their innovative shipper container dwellings. From adding extra space to your home, to creating mansions for millionaires, people have discovered all kinds of wonderful uses for these simple and practical containers.

As new buildings are expensive and complicated, shipping containers can offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional structures. The environmental footprint of these tiny houses is naturally smaller than you would expect by building from scratch, and their versatility opens up all kinds of possibilities from the grass-covered getaway hidden in a Scottish park, to the nifty minimalist art studio surrounded by forest, there are lots of options for creating a unique space on the cheap. One larger structure, created using 8 different storage crates, spanned over two thousand square feet and took only three days to build. With that kind of convenience, it's not surprising that the tiny house trend is catching on.

Some of these tiny house shipping container homes are stunning. You will want to take a look at the Beach Box container home, located in the Hamptoms Napeague dunes. This area is one of the wealthiest areas of New York state. This shipping container home is currently on sale for $1,395,000! The shipping container home has 2,000 square foot of living space. The Beach Box is an eco luxury home that is located 600 feet from the ocean with a swimming pool and an outdoor shower. This shipping container home is constructed mainly with renewable materials. Inside you will find an Eco Top counter by Kliptech, that is made from 100 percent post consumer recycled fiber and bamboo fiber.

Then you will find a shipping container home located in Nederland, Colorado. This beautiful tiny home uses two shipping containers that combine into a common space that connects local rock surroundings to the expansive mountain ridge views. The shipping container house is used for sleeping and work, while also having a center space for dining, living and a loft above. The outdoor loft deck invites easy camping as the platform bed rolls between interior and exterior in its unique design. The shipping container project is planned to be off-the-grid using solar orientation, green roofs, passive cooling, pellet stove heating and photovoltaics to create electricity.

However, there are drawbacks one must consider when building these tiny homes. As you'd expect, heating and cooling are much less efficient with these containers than with standard houses, as that wasn't important to their original purposes of storage. Also, if you're going the very planet-friendly route and using recycled storage containers, you must be careful about where your container was made. Many shipping containers are made in countries where regulations about heavy-metal content are more relaxed than in North America, so there can be potential health risks. All the same, it's fascinating to see architecture being re-imagined from such an interesting and versatile angle.

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