1836 Square Feet of Dreamlike Log Home Comfort (Click to View Floor Plan)

1836 Square Feet of Dreamlike Log Home Comfort (Click to View Floor Plan)

With the ever-growing popularity of log cabin living, you can sure get a bit overwhelmed with all of the log cabin floor plans out there. Every day, more log home floor plans are being added, and if you want to build your own log cabin home, finding the plan thats right for you can seem like an onerous task. Today, were here to help with this Banner Elk floor plan. Whats so great about it? It has ample square footage. The great thing about the Banner Elk is that is doesnt take up too much space on your property, but with two spacious floors building UP rather than OUT, then you will have tons of room for yourself and your family. Just how much room, you might ask. Well, we can give you the exact measurements for this awesome log cabin home: the main floor is 1156 square feet, the second floor is 680 square feet. Overall, you will have approximately 1836 square feet for you total living space not bad, huh?

On the first floor, youll find a spacious kitchen and dining room in the very center of this log cabin home. Traditionally, this has always been the best place for the kitchen in the very heart of the home! When you have your kitchen in the center, the heat from the stove automatically radiates out to all of the other rooms, warming the home from the inside out. It truly is the best way to make use of your space. This large-sized kitchen also has an island in the middle, perfect for your food preparation and also for serving buffet-styled meals. Heck, you can even have a few chairs here so you can sit and munch out on appies while youre waiting for the cakes to bake and the chickens to roast. Theres a half-bathroom right off the kitchen so you wont have to go far to wash those hands before you eat!

On the first floor of the Banner Elk log cabin home, you will also find the living room, which is right beside the kitchen and dining room. It is a very spacious room as well, a great place for a sofa and some comfy chairs so people can curl up in front of the fireplace or the television, or perhaps even lie down with a good book to read. You will also find the master bedroom on the main floor of this log house. Again, theres lots of room here for one or two people to sleep very comfortably. Put a King-sized bed in this room and youll be laughing. Adjacent to the master bedroom you will find the master bathroom! Hows that for luxury? Theres nothing like having a spacious bathroom right beside your sleeping quarters. Especially one big enough to fully equip a His and Her sink as well as a large soaker tub the ultimate in self-pampering. Lets walk up the stairs now to the second level of the Banner Elk log cabin where we will find a second and third bedroom as well as another full bathroom. Theres lots of space on this second floor loft and theres lots of storage space too, if you need it. What a perfect spot for the kids or your house guests, or both!

In addition to the lovely rooms and square footage of this log cabin home, you will love all of the windows that let so much light in, and when you step outside wow, youve got a large wrap-around deck to lounge on the perfect spot to sunbathe on a warm summers day. The roof overhang allows for you to have shelter if you need it, as well, so this is a lovely place to sit in just about any kind of weather. You can chill out with your tea or coffee in the morning, even if its raining outside. You can sit out here at night and watch the stars shining down on you. No matter where you choose to build this lovely log home, you will truly enjoy all of the spaciousness it affords both inside and out!

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