1700 Square Foot Cute Log Cabin (The Litchfield) for $59,597.

1700 Square Foot Cute Log Cabin (The Litchfield) for $59,597.

'e LogHomes' has done it again! With another great home, the 1700 square foot cute log cabin (The Litchfield) for $59,597, you may have just found your dream home! It is 1,700 square feet of incredible. From the sitting room/foyer just inside porch to the incredible 2nd floor master suite, you will not be disappointed. Add an spacious open floor plan with plenty of windows to enjoy the view and you have the recipe for a delightful home. Pair all this with an exceptional price of only $59,597 and your dream home has just become a reality!

The incredible staff at 'e LogHomes' will answer any questions you have and will walk you through the process from start to finish. They offer you a top quality product with top quality service, which is why 'e LogHomes' has earned the BBB (Better Business Bureau) A+ rating. There are many options available to you as you build your log home. From styles of logs to choose from to the type of corners and more. You get to be an integral part of the building of your log home.

The first log homes built in North America were built by the Swedish and Finish immigrants, who had a long history of building log homes. A typical log home, if built by one man, would stand 6-7 feet high and each wall ran about 12 to 16 feet long. If another man was helping with the home, they might be able to build it a little higher and include a sleeping loft. Cracks would be sealed with mud or clay and this was called chinking or daubing. One end of the home would have a stone fireplace that would be used for cooking and heating the home. There would be a few windows and as most settlers and pioneers did not have a lot of money, so windows openings were covered with greased paper. Often floors were dirt packed and sometimes covered with split logs. Flat stones would be placed under each corner of the log house to firm up the foundation. Traditionally doors were built on the south side of the house, this would allow in the sunshine.

Today's log homes are much more energy efficient and 'e LogHomes offer a complete weather tight shell package on all of their homes. They also have the most air tight, energy efficient log connection system in the industry. With such incredible engineering you can be assured that the 1,700 square foot cute log cabin, The Litchfield, priced at $59,597, will keep you warm and dry in the winter and cool in the summer. For further details and to see the complete plans, visit 'e LogHomes' by following the link below.

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