17 Tiny Houses under 200 Square Feet to Swoon Over

17 Tiny Houses under 200 Square Feet to Swoon Over

For starters, you want to see the "Tiny House On Wheels" in this photograph, the location is a good example of where you can set up your tiny house, and the views you might find. This particular location is especially stunning, with mountain views, red rock scenery, and big open skies, it doesn't get much better than that.

The tiny house on wheels in the photograph is from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company, and the are a business that makes some of the best tiny houses on wheels that you will find. This amazing tiny house on wheels has a tiny front covered porch, a sun roof, lots of tiny windows, an appealing red roof that matches the red trim and door on the tiny house. It is a nice design, and you can get a better look at the interior of these tiny house gems if you head over to their site.

The company is also famous for its informative tiny house workshops that are held all over the U.S. Some of the cities you will find the workshops include Colorado Springs, Ann Arbor, Sonoma, Madison, Boston, and Asheville (North Carolina). The workshops teach you how to build your very own Tumbleweed Tiny House on wheels, and is held over two days. It doesn't matter what your level of building competence is, as the workshops are helpful on teaching you exactly where to start. They include all sorts of extensive information and prove to be very insightful for guiding you on your tiny house journey.

Did you know that tiny house living can set you on a path that will lead to living a more environmentally friendly, simplified and affordable lifestyle? Talking to other people who live in tiny houses is a good place to start if you want to get an idea of what tiny house living is all about. In the Tumbleweed Tiny House Workshops, you will meet other builders/owners of tiny houses who will gladly share their tiny house stories on everything from how to select green building materials, using the correct tools and why that is so important, and all sorts of important stuff to get you going.

There is no shortage of the types of tiny houses you can choose from; you can even design your prefabricated tiny house kit!

On this site, you will also find other tiny house designs that you will love. The Cinderbox Dwelling is a 200 square foot tiny house that cost $19,000. The side has a gorgeous burnt wood siding, with floor to ceiling windows to let in lots of natural light and to give it a modern look and feel. This tiny house is inspired by the simplicity of Japanese design.

Then you have The Rhino Cube Zulu Queen, a tiny house that is 160 square feet in size and cost $52,400. This tiny house has an industrial look to it and is constructed of shipping containers. Inside you have a full sized kitchen, and it is solar powered with a 1,250-watt solar generator to give you off grid sustainability.

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