1600 Square Foot Pathfinder Log Home for under 35K!

1600 Square Foot Pathfinder Log Home for under 35K!

Log homes and cabins make wonderful homes to live in, giving you the feeling of warmth and being closer to nature. Check out this 1600 Square Foot Pathfinder Log Home for under 35K! There prebuilt homes that don't even come close to being that affordable, let alone a newly built home. If you are looking to go off grid or build a small, affordable house within your means so you are not stressing about paying off massive amounts of debt, than log homes are the way to build. There are so many different log home kit distributors now, but eLog Homes has such a wide variety of plans that will suit any person or budget. They also have affordable blue prints of each of the kits to order on their website.

Owning a large home isn't always what it is cracked up to be. They tend to cost a lot more to heat, because you have more space, which can cost so much per month. They are also a pain to clean. Unless you can afford to hire a cleaner. Over all they are a lot more work to maintain and cost more in the long run. With a house the size of the Pathfinder log home, you have just enough space for all you need, and that can make life a lot easier and stress free. The Pathfinder is 864 square feet and had 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom, a kitchen and living room, all on one level. There is plenty of storage space as well.

This home reminds me of the perfect picturesque log cabin, with the stone chimney and the long front porch, where you can imagine a man sitting out smoking his pipe in a rocking chair. Relaxing after a long day of work. This type of home reminds us of simpler times. It looks a lot like what would have been typically built by the settlers who came over from Europe and just used whatever resources they could find to build their homes. They only used what they needed and never took anymore.

Its wonderful to see people becoming more interested in this way of simple living, and returning to a more simple way of life. Log homes and cabins are a wonderful way to do that. They allow you to build whatever size of home you need, at whatever budget you have at the moment, and you can always build on if need be. The company this house is from, eLog Homes, has an array of different homes and cabins you can request estimates on for kits and blue prints. You can view The Pathfinder and their other log homes and cabins on the 'eLog Homes' website by following the link in the description below.

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