16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home To Guarantee Mortgage-Free Future

16 Year Old Builds Tiny Home To Guarantee Mortgage-Free Future

My dear friends, what did you own when you are sixteen? “Xbox, bro. I had an awesome time after I got that!” “A brand new Smartphone! It’s the best gift I ever had!” “Oh, just a car. Not that much, you know.” Alright, would you like to know what this 16-year-old boy has at sixteen? “What is it?” Oh, just a tiny house. His own tiny and MORTGAGE-FREE house. At sixteen, ladies and gentlemen. I don’t even have my own pad of paper at that age! But I give ten stars for this young man. Come on! Let’s have a cup of tea and talk about the house and this 16-year-old lad. *winks*

People, give your salute to Austin Hay. Austin Hay was a high school student from Sonoma County in San Francisco, California when he built his tiny home with no mortgage in 2010. He calls it the ‘Fencl’. Austin is now 20 years old. His tiny home is parked in his parents’ backyard after it was created. He builds this tiny home out of big reasons. “One of the reasons I decided to build a tumbleweed house is to show adults and peers that one person can help with ‘the big picture.’ I truly believe it is important to keep this world we have healthy. I have decided to downsize to help the environment,” shares Austin in his Mini House Builder website. In building his house, he uses a trailer truck. Austin spends $12, 000 dollars for the overall construction. “Yeah, he asked money from his parents.” No. He works two summer jobs just to pay for the house, my friend. *silence* Is it ok to have a crush with this guy? Right now, I'm fangirling! He’s simply amazing!

Well, I don’t want to spend the rest of the article writing about my infatuation for Austin. This time, you can click YouTube’s website below to take a look inside Austin’s little home. Have fun! *winks*

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