16 Secrets of Affordable Log Home Design!

16 Secrets of Affordable Log Home Design!

Want to save money on your own log home?

Most people are unable to just look at a price tag and spend whatever the asking price. We are all looking for ways to spend less money and keep more of it in our pockets. No matter what, building a log home is expensive and if there are ways that you can make things cost less, then why not go for it?

Working with log home experts will help you to be able to get your log home for cheaper with some of the following ideas. Log home experts recommend that rather than customizing your home own it may be less expensive to use time tested designs from their favorite stock plans. They types of designs have been done so many times that the builder will have a better idea on how to save money.

In building, it is always better to think rectangular than trying to create a fancy circular or octagon design, which of course are beautiful but definitely more expensive. A good rule of them to remember is that the more corners there are, the more money it will cost. It is also important for lowering costs, to focus on keep the actual size down. Perhaps you don't need as much space as you think you do. Most people end up building too big and then there is just more house to clean! A great design trick from the experts is to build in storage under the staircase.

In terms of width, try to keep the home under 30 feet. It is not always easy to find long logs, and so the shorter the logs, the less you will pay.

Don't forget about the long term costs of things. A bit extra in the short term to think about power costs will go a long way in your yearly bills. Another large part of the costs will be in the land clearing and preparing of your building site. The only way to really get around this is to do some of the work yourself. Another great tip you may not have thought of is to stack your bathrooms so that the plumbing is nearby eachother, which will also help to save on costs.

Ceiling height is another place that can help you cut your costs. So many people are in awe of the high vaulted ceilings, but if you can live with out these, then you can certainly save some money.

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