16 Cutest Little Houses that you MUST See

16 Cutest Little Houses that you MUST See

We found this selection of the 16 Cutest Little Houses that you MUST see at PixGood, and we decided to share them.

These tiny houses are an excellent fit for those who want to emphasize an economical use of space, and perhaps have some strategically placed landscaping that enhances the character of a small space that's full of character. The homes vary in size from one room, that is suitable for short-term stays with amenities nearby, to rooms that will cover your basic needs, such as: a bathroom, bedroom, kitchenette, and dining area. These tiny houses can be ideal for a weekend get-away, a person or two in transition, or those who love to live simply, without clutter. Spiral staircases and ladders are used instead of regular staircases in order to save space.

Some of them feature a current interpretation of the ever-enduring idyllic charm of a warm, cozy, inviting cottage, where you'd while away summers spent sailing, fishing, going to picnics or sitting near fire pits with friends.

Others seem inspired by quaint gazebos and take a more open concept approach that includes floor-to-ceiling windows, for all the light you can handle. Some are prefabs that can be built anywhere to take advantage of the surrounding scenery, and others creatively reuse wood that came from a demolished barn, for an idiosyncratic refurbished design.

What makes these homes special is that they hold on to a dwindling state of home-ownership that includes an autonomy from encroaching condo developers, and ensures that those who still want to live in houses can do so, while maintaining an affordable lifestyle.

Whatever your disposition, you're sure to find a house that fits your fancy in this group of tiny house pictures.

Functional design doesn't just come in condos anymore, and the variety of available designs with distinctive appeal and style is inspiring, as you will see in the photos at "PixGood" by following the link below.

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