16 Amazing Log House Kitchens You Have to See UP CLOSE

16 Amazing Log House Kitchens You Have to See UP CLOSE

The Kitchen is the HUB of the house. It is the place where it all happens. This is the center of activity, the place for not only food preparation, but for hanging out! It is likely the most important room in the home and the one that will make or break a 'sale' on a house as well.

These log home kitchens we are featuring here are nothing short of fabulous! There are 16 in all and let us have a visual tour. The article itself also shares who the designers are! Thank you for that. It is too often we see great photos and do not have a source or place to give credit and kudo's to.

Kitchen #1 Radiates. There is uses of stone, wood, height, and warm colors in this open space kitchen. The island in the center of the room has seating. The designer was Lands End Development. This company is in the business of creating beautiful, efficient, purposeful rooms. They are experienced, knowledgeable, and work with their clients, architects, and craftsmen. They also value quality, creativity, and service. This is the type of company you would do well to view their portfolio of work.

Kitchen #2 is warm, inviting and showcases the lot ceiling beams. This kitchen is in a vacation cabin rental in Gatlinburg, Tennessee. If you have a large group, you can check out renting this place. It sleeps 34 people! This Wilderness Lodge is a 4 million dollar accommodation. It offers a true experience for those that go there for their vacation. There is peace and quiet in the surrounding area as well as views and attractions nearby. High standards are the name of the game for this luxury accommodation. Would you love to go and prepare some delicious meals in this kitchen with family and friends! Well, you can.

Please visit the 'Hick Country' website below and be sure you visit all their links to get the full stories behind each of the 16 kitchens you will find there.

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