150 Sq. Ft. City Cottage Tiny House

150 Sq. Ft. City Cottage Tiny House

I know some of you would fuss about living in a small house. We usually dream big when we think of owing a house, right? 150 Sq.Ft. might be a little off from your visions and dreams. But did you know that living in a small house leads to a simplier life? And we all know that a simple life will always lead us to contentment and less stress. Let us now talk a little about the things that go along with tiny house living.

First of all, your bills won't be as high. Living in a small house means less consumption of energy and water. You can make use of other energy sources or alternatives! You will be able to save money and mostly and you are also saving Mother Earth by utilizing its resources instead of harming it. There would be less materials and furniture needed, leaving you with enough space. Another energy saved is your physical energy. Smaller house means lesser rooms to clean and tidy up. Very ideal for me! Less energy for housework and more energy for recreational pursuits. For repairs, it would be easier for you too: the tinier the house, the lesser the need of labor and materials for it. According to Steven Harrell, it also lessens your taxes, insurance, and interest payments because of the obvious fact that tiny houses cost less. Tiny house living allows you the ability to save money for other possible life adventures instead of spending it all on a big mortgage on a big house. Most of all, if you are living in a tiny house with your family, it encourages togetherness. The bond and closeness will grow leaving you with happy memories to reminisce and a great childhood for your children. So you see? This is why living in a tiny house is never bad at all. It is only a matter of your lifestyle and simplicity that will leave you happy and contended with your tiny but beautiful house.

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